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Contemporary Canadian Landscape Paintings

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Hi Jodie - I am a teacher at DSS and we talked a few yrs ago - Sam is taking animation this year and he mentioned your work - so here I am...really nice checking out your art. Mr. A
William Addison - 14 Nov 2017
What beautiful work. You are truly talented and your art brings great comfort and joy.
Jan Stadnyk - 10 Aug 2017
Your work is vibrant, colourful, and extraordinary. Keep going!
John Terry - 21 Feb 2016
Congratulations, Jodie, on being represented by the White Dog Gallery in Whistler. Your art and the work you have put into developing your skills warrant your success.
Gerry Edwards - 6 Mar 2015
Continued good luck Jodie.
David Blaney - 22 Sep 2014
Great work Jodie. I saw a painting you did for a couple named Bruce & Janet in Steveston. love it!
Edward Tu - 3 May 2014
I love your work and your new banner looks great.
Debbie Bridges - 25 Oct 2013
Beautiful work. I want one.
Edward Tu - 4 Oct 2013
Your work is wonderful! I love your bold use of colour and line - keep up the good work!
Barbara Roden - 16 Sep 2013
Your work is a refreshing take on the traditional landscape. congratulations
Nola L. McConnan aoca aestc - 26 Aug 2013
Jodie, It was great to meet you at the Ladner Village Market on the weekend. I love your work! The bold colour and line and the abstract manipulations of the Harbour scenes are fantastic! I hope to become a collector of your work in the near future! Mark.
Mark (tugboat) Wilkinson - 24 Jun 2013
Wow, I love your work - what a gift. I hope you continue to post your work online as I hope to purchase one in the future. Beautiful!!
Ann MacDonald - 21 Nov 2012
i think we are related... jack blaney of British Columbia is my uncle!
samantha jane Blaney - 2 Jan 2012
Jodie, Thank you! You captured a child hood memory on canvas that will be with us forever. We are truly grateful and very proud to own a piece of your magic. John and Marian
John and Marian - 29 Sep 2011
Love your way with colours and the brush. Beautiful work. TEMA
TEMA - 23 Sep 2011
I don't know much about art, however viewing your creations truly impressed me! You are very talented!!
Arthur - 11 May 2011
Jodie, congratulations on your first Doors Open in Richmond this weekend. I really like your new abstracts and in particuliar 'The Balance of things', Erika
Erika Koenig-Workman - 6 May 2011
Well done Jodie, all the very best love Margreth
Margreth Fry - 1 Mar 2011
Such an amazing artist and thoughtful teacher. Both of my daughters love their Wed afternoons spent with Jodie and I enjoy watching their pride in describing their works of art.
Anne-Louise Parry - 17 Nov 2010
Hi Jodie, enjoyed viewing your work thanks to your mum giving us the web site address. We were reminded of Steveston which you captured just right. Loved your collage "water dream". Come to visit us and paint Wick St Lawrence ! Love Peter and Alison
Peter and Alison Mohan - 2 Jan 2010
Good luck with your Children's Classes, Jodie! And keep up your own great art work, too.
Gerry Edwards - 18 Dec 2009
I am in shock and awe that I am a friend of someone so talented! Congratulations on finding and experessing your authentic self, and for sharing it with all of us.
Lori Will - 18 Dec 2009
Jodie: How wonderful that you are using your gift to create such amazing and beautiful work! We are so proud to have one of your paintings in our home. Each time I look at this abstract seascape, I feel drawn into your vibrant colours. The imaginative use of line and perspective in your paintings truly captures the beauty of our Pacific coast. I know that you will enjoy great success with your art and can't wait to see what comes next! Congratulations and love always, Jacqueline Blaney
Jacqueline Blaney - 16 Dec 2009
Wow--your talent is exploding all over the place! There's a title wave coming toward that sleepy fishing out! I love your paintings, your collage, and your spirit! What a gift they are to the rest of us. Love, Kelly
Kelly Torrance - 31 Jul 2009
Jodie - your work is beautiful. I am so happy to see that you are pursuing this dream. I look forward to being able to see your original art the next time I'm in Vancouver.
Joanna Cotton - 28 Jun 2009
Great Art Jodie!
Don Willis - 30 Oct 2008
Wow Jodie.......Your work is BEAUTIFUL
Meghan Hillyard - 6 Oct 2008
Love your 'Night in Hong Kong'- great stuff Jodie, you're an excellent artist!
Jim Bjorkes - 2 Oct 2008
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful art, Jodie. I'm impressed.
Rob Randall - 28 Sep 2008
You got talent, Sis! Look forward to seeing more of your art.
Ed Blaney - 13 Sep 2008
Hi Jodie, Your website looks great. I'm very proud to be the owner of some of your paintings!
Veronique Goverde - 12 Sep 2008
Jodie, I love the collages, and I have had a number of friends comment on the dreamlike quality that you capture in your work...thank yPr
Erika Koenig - 9 Sep 2008
Jodie! I absolutely LOVE your work. Your talent is remarkable, and you have grown tremendously as an artist. Congratulations on your recent sucessful sales! Jeff has been singing your praises, and I can clearly see why... I'm so proud of you, and enamoured by your versatility. It takes courage to stretch your expression, and give voice to your creative impulse. I especially love the "BlueLight #1, 2" Abstracts. Powerful, and very soothing at the same time. City Memory is also a lovely piece. Very unique. The Westcoast Scenes are marvelous. The "Steveston Boardwalk, and Village Stroll" are so reminiscent for me...those lovely morning walks I took when I stayed with you a number of years back. The colours are vivid, happy, and alive. Well done, Jodie. I'm so very impressed, and wish you the very best as you continue this wonderful artistic journey. I look forward to adorning my place with one of your originals... Love and congratulations, Angie
angie belcastro - 29 Aug 2008
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