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(posted on 26 May 2016)

Hello friends,

Embracing change is important. Experimenting with new styles, paint colours and subject matter is a natural part of the artist's keeps the palette fresh and presents new challenges.

Hiking near Alice Lake 36x48

This spring, I've been looking back on my earlier work to see where I am today. I recall how I first fell in love with loose, expressive brushstroke and then over time found myself drawn to more graphic, semi-abstract styles. Today, I am bringing many elements together---and pushing the play of light as far as I can.

I'm pleased to be represented by Crystal Lodge Art Gallery in Whistler Village and Hampton Gallery in Kamloops. I will be Artist in Residence at Crystal Lodge May 27-29 and Aug 26-28. Come by if you are in Whistler!

Westcoast Morning 30x30

Morning at Black Tusk 30X30

(posted on 9 Oct 2015)

Memories of Algonquin

Dear Friends,
Fall colours are so inspiring. After a walk by the river or through the forest, I just want to lock myself in my studio with reds and oranges---and kick it up a notch! My colour palette leans towards cooler tones, bright blues and purple, so it's fun to experiment.

Years ago in early October, my husband and I took a trip to Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario. We stayed in a tiny cottage beside a lake for a few nights. I remember being awestruck by the beauty of the red maples, sumac and aspen. Each morning we went canoeing, just as the sun was rising, and I knew the reflection of trees on water was perhaps the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I can see how Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson and so many others couldn't wait to capture this glory on canvas.

On Oct 3, I participated in a group exhibit, 'Feast Your Eyes' at Hampton Gallery in Kamloops. Show runs to Oct 31. I also have work on exhibit at the Scandinave Spa in Whistler, and I'm now represented by Bezanson Art Consulting in Vancouver. I will also be donating work to "A Starry Night" Society of Richmond Children Centres fundraiser to be held Oct 17.

I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving and all the glories of the fall season!

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(posted on 14 Jun 2015)

Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you happy and well.

This spring has brought some new opportunities I'd like to share. I'll now be represented by Hampton Gallery in Kamloops and White Dog Studio Gallery in Whistler, working with two amazing gallery owners whose passion for art is truly inspiring.

I'm continuing to build a body of acrylic landscape paintings based on Canadian west coast themes. Iconic artists Lawren Harris and Emily Carr are driving influences, with their energetic compositions, clean lines and dramatic perspectives. An ongoing fascination of mine is blending together natural and geometric shapes to create unexpected results. (Anyone who's a Minecraft fan will appreciate this!) It's interesting to see how a subject can move from realism to abstract when unusual shapes and colours are introduced. A recognizable nature scene suddenly turns into fantasy--a purely imagined landscape of the mind.

I was asked recently about my approach to painting and I was stumped...for me, creating a composition is like starting a puzzle. First, I arrange the "pieces" of the landscape in my mind. Then I take the image in my mind and sketch it onto canvas, recalling details as best I can. I play around with shapes, moving them around the canvas until they create a design that pleases me. When shapes feel balanced and harmonious, the fun begins--adding colour and light! While I sometimes work from photos and sketch outside, I work mainly from intuition. Here is some of my newest work. Thank you for keeping in touch!

(posted on 16 Feb 2015)

Dear art friends,

I hope the new year brings you good health, happiness and time for creative pursuits!

I'm pleased to announce that my work will be represented by White Dog Whistler Gallery at Nita Lake Lodge, recently voted the number 1 gallery in Whistler by Pique News Magazine. Gallery Owner Penny Eder carries an eclectic variety of work by local artists and hosts great events each week. Drop by if you're in the area!

My landscape work is evolving in new directions. My latest pieces are influenced by art deco, a visual arts design style originating in France which spanned the 1920s to 1940s. After doing a little research, I was hooked. I'm drawn to the rich colours, highly stylized shapes, and geometric forms this style presents...(but admit that Canadian artist Lawren Harris will always be my main inspiration).

"Early Spring, Shannon Falls" (50X22), "Arrival of Spring" (24X30)

"Forest Walk" (36X40), "Looking West" (28X36)

I've also been working on some new "nautical" paintings---a subject dear to my heart! All those years living in Steveston Village, I always found something to paint...

"Evening at Fisherman's Wharf" (12X16)

Thanks for reading my art news and have a great week everyone!

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(posted on 4 Dec 2014)

Dear friends,

Welcome to my first art newsletter! I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing news about my art and upcoming shows.

My landscape series, which I began over a year ago, is a playful exploration of the Canadian westcoast. I've enjoyed the challenge of interpreting nature in new and unexpected ways, rather than realistically. I'm drawn to the contrasts of nature: silent and still, yet powerful and ever-changing. I love the sensory experience of walking through the forest when the sun pours through the treetops. The dramatic interplay of light and shadow is breathtaking.

2014 brought lots of inspiration, including a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery to catch the amazing Lawren Harris exhibit, as well as the chance to hike the rainforest trails near Tofino and Ucluelet. I've also been digging deeper in the life and works of Emily Carr, inspired by her bold and energetic interpretations of our coast.

As a "Steveston" painter, I'm continuing to paint my nautical and coastal-inspired paintings. I can't resist a quick sketch as I walk around the harbour! As you may know, our family moved out to Ladner a while back, the other little village on the Fraser, and I've now got a great backyard studio--just have to chase the spiders away. ;)

Merry Christmas everyone! Best wishes for health and happiness in the new year!

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