Jodie Blaney    
Contemporary Canadian Landscape Paintings

Artist Statement

"While my subjects are grounded in reality, I strive to move beyond realism to capture a whimsical and energetic interpretation of our Canadian landscape. Creating tension and drama in each work is important. Tightly controlled compositions and forms give way to lively, ordered chaos, creating harmony and balance. 

I paint from the vantage point of being close up and fully immersed in each scene, inviting exploration and reflection on the intimate spaces nature provides. 

I am particularly influenced by the stylized forms and spiraling energy depicted in the works of Canadian artists Lawren Harris and Emily Carr. I’m also drawn to Cubist expressions of multiple perspective and light as seen in the works of such artists as Picasso, Cezanne and Braque."

Canadian artist Jodie Blaney is an Active Member with the Federation of  Canadian Artists and received her art training from Emily Carr University of  Art & Design. She lives in Delta, BC with her husband and son.